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Placement of FullStop Under Drip Irrigation

The depth of placement depends on the irrigation method and the frequency of irrigation. Detectors are placed deeper for drip compared to sprinkler irrigation. A daily irrigation interval requires shallower placement than a weekly interval.

The diagram suggests where to install detectors for drip irrigation. With experience, the placement depths can be altered to suit local conditions and management styles.

Drip irrigation

The detector must always be placed directly under a dripper. Suggested depth for the shallow detector is 30 cm and for the deep detector is 60 cm.

Deeper placement is required for widely spaced drippers or long irrigation intervals. Shallower placement suits closely spaced drippers, frequent irrigation or shallow rooted crops.

It is common for detectors to respond quickly under drip because all the water is being concentrated around the dripper, with dry soil between drippers. In such cases less water should be applied more often.

Drip Placement

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