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Placement of FullStop Under Sprinkler Irrigation

The depth of placement depends on the irrigation method and the frequency of irrigation. Detectors are placed shallower for sprinkler compared to drip irrigation. A daily irrigation interval requires shallower placement than a weekly interval.

The diagram suggests where to install detectors for sprinkler irrigation. With experience, the placement depths can be altered to suit local conditions and management styles.

Sprinkler or microjet irrigation

Wetting patterns tend to be shallower under sprinkler irrigation than drip or furrow irrigation.

Suggested depth for the shallow detector is 20 cm and for the deep detector is 40 cm. Note that it usually takes 20 mm or more of irrigation to activate a detector at 20 cm (depending on soil type and on how dry the soil is before irrigation).

For sprinkler systems that apply small amounts of water each day or second day (e.g. microjets or centre pivot), depths of 15 cm and 30 cm are more suitable (5 cm and 20 cm to the rim of the funnel). Detectors will usually not be activated by applications under 15 mm, unless the soil is quite wet before irrigation.

Placement Sprinklers

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