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FullStop can usually be reset by pushing the indicator down between 1 to 24 hours after irrigation. If the indicator immediately pops up again there is still water in the float reservoir.

Since the vertical distance from the base of the funnel to the rim is greater than 20 cm, a suction greater than 20 cm will be needed to wick the water out. A suction of 20 cm is equivalent to 2 kPa.

When the soil dries beyond 2 kPa suction the soil outside the FullStop can start withdrawing water from the funnel. The time it takes to empty the funnel depends on the soil type and amount of water in the funnel.

If the indicator cannot be reset for several days the soil is waterlogged.

Note that being able to reset the indicator does not mean it is time to irrigate again. It just means the soil is no longer close to saturation. However in the situation of frequent drip irrigation, where small areas are kept very wet, irrigation may be required when or even just before the FullStop can be reset.

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