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FullStops can be dug up and repositioned. This is essential for annual crops where the soil is ploughed between crops.

In some cases it may be possible to remove the indicator cap, floats and one extension tube. Floats can be removed by pouring water down the top of the extension tube. The remaining extension tube should be covered to prevent soil entering. Ploughing can proceed over the top of the FullStop.

FullStops can be difficult to remove from clay soils which have become very dry. It may be necessary to remove FullStops just after the final irrigation event.

The filter sand and some soil should be left inside the funnel when moving to a new location.

If you suspect the filter may be clogged, all the soil and filter sand should be washed out of the funnel before the FullStop is disassembled for cleaning. Always remove the floats before disassembly.

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